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Beason Products: Tube Support
Wireless Polycarbonate Tube Support

Wireless PC Tube Support

Available in 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 15mm size
Base color: avalible in clear and black
height: 4.5 cm

Glass Tube Support

Available: without or with wire
Base: available single base or 2 pcs base

Base material: Aluminum or Nickel plated

175AL 1.75" assembly threaded post w/ aluminum clip base
175ALW as above with the wire attached
175GT 1.75" threaded post w/ brass clip base
175GTW as above with the wire attached
250AL 2.5" notched glass w/ aluminum clip base
250ALW as above with the wire attached
250GT 2.5" notched glass with brass clip base
300GT 3" notched glass with brassclip base
350GT 3.5"notched glass with brassclip base

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