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Emergency Escape safety sign
Energy save item: No batteries, no cable, no electricity - Escape sign


Safety signs are used in hotels, restaurants, bars, banks, museums, hospitals, office buildings, schools, cinemas, factories and even jails. They are used to show the way quickly and efficiently in all types of buildings where in case of emergency, people have to leave.

Safety signs are also used in swimming pool areas and ships, airplanes, in the oil & gas industry and in highway service tunnels. And not only in new buildings, but also in existing buildings where the advantages of safety signs can offer very significant savings in time and cost. To install the signs, you do not have to make holes in the wall for electrical wiring, no ugly wires or trunking along the walls. And they work maintenance free for 15 years.

Size: 325 x 210 x25mm
Lifetime: 15 years

safety signs don't consume electric energy. That's why you save a lot of money during the lifetime of the sign (15 years or 131000 hours).Because they don't consume electricity, they are used for several years in airplanes.

Maximum distance for legibility 40 mtr



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