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Since its founded in 1978, Beason had been fully committed to the twin objectives of achieving manufacturing excellence and providing speedy dependable services. By 1980, Beason become the sole agent of EGL-the world's largest manufacturer of neon product, to serve many ASIA countries, the company's line of processing equipment expanded to electrode, tubing, gases, tube support, crossfires, torches, ribbon burner, bombarder, transformer, chokes, diffusion pump, vacuum pump and a wide variety of other equipment-virtually everything needed to build a complete neon plant. Also, FART Transformer, Hansen Convertor, OSRAM clear glass, Paige GTO, BLF silicone HT cable, electrode silicone cap. In 2003, LED related module, power supply, edge tubes, sign and etc. were added in our business.

Beason is grateful to all her customers for all these years of trust, support and encouragement, while continuing to develop the world's most comprehensive, advanced line of neon products, Beason is well known as a quality neon, cold cathode, LED sign consultant and supplier.

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